‘Killer’ DIG in look out for loopholes

Posted: जनवरी 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Armed Police Force DIG accused of killing his wife has changed his statement given to the police, investigators said today.

Although police have already gathered evidence to support that the murder was a premeditated one and DIG Ranjan Koirala has accepted he killed his wife, he is saying he never intended to kill his 39-year-old wife Gita.

Koirala’s move is not unusual as deliberate murder carries a punishment of life imprisonment whereas the sentence is reduced to 10 years for unintentional or accidental homicide, said officials.

“It appears that he is trying to find a loophole that he can exploit to avoid life imprisonment. We have cross-examined him and conducted our own investigation to establish the facts,” an investigating official said, adding that Koiral’s attempts were futile.

Koirala has been telling investigators that he never intended to kill his wife. He has been saying that ‘he punched and kicked’ her over a domestic dispute but never thought she would die.

“I never thought it would kill her,” he is learnt to have told investigators.

According to police, the evidence contradicts Koiral’s recent statement.

“His returning home from China in the middle of his training and his unsuccessful bid to go back a day after the murder and attempt to destroy physical evidence of murder speak volumes about his intentions,” the official remarked.

“It is a modus operandi of criminals to change their statements time and again. We will let the evidence to speak for themselves in the court,” he said.


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