Police search for DIG’s ‘mistress’

Posted: जनवरी 25, 2012 in Uncategorized


Police are desperately searching for Tara Regmi, who was allegedly in a live-in relationship with Armed Police Force DIG Ranjan Koirala, who is accused of killing his wife Gita Dhakal on January 11.

“We are frantically searching for Regmi who is said to be close to DIG Koirala so that we may get further details on the murder,” said a source at Metropolitan Police Range, Hanumandhoka.

Regmi, who owns a manpower company, is absconding since the arrest of Koirala, according to police sources.

Similarly, police on Monday interrogated at least five people suspecting their involvement in the murder of Dhakal in a bid to dig out details on how the murder took place.

Police interrogated two drivers, two body guards and a cook – all of whom were working with Koirala — and released them on the condition that they would appear before the police as and when needed.

Though the police personnel have intensified their investigation in this case, they are yet to record Koirala’s formal statement even on the third day of judicial custody. Those involved in the investigation are facing difficulty to formally record his statement as he is still mentally unsettled.

“He seems lost and keeps staring out,”told a police officer from MPR, Hanumandhoka in condition of anonymity, adding, “Koirala needs some additional time for psychiatric help.”

None of Koirala’s relatives have visited him after he was detained by a joint squad of Metropolitan Police Crime Division and Metropolitan Police Range, Hanumandhoka on Sunday from Nagdhunga, Thankot.


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