Gita’s murder was planned: Police

Posted: फ्रेवुअरी 1, 2012 in Uncategorized


Police officials involved in investigation have concluded that suspended Armed Police Force (APF) DIG Ranjan Koirala had murdered his wife Gita Dhakal in a ´planned´ manner. Police arrived at the conclusion after a week-long investigation into the murder and interrogations with accused Koirala.

Superintendent of Police Rajendra Shrestha, chief of Metropolitan Police Range Office, Kathmandu, said though accused Koirala has claimed in his statement that Dhakal got killed accidentally, they have amassed ´undeniable´ evidence to substantiate that it was a ´planned´ murder. “Our investigation has proved that DIG Koirala killed his wife in a planned manner,” he said.

Shrestha, however, did not divulge further details about the collected evidence, citing the ongoing investigation. Accused Koirala said in his statement that his wife died accidentally after he slapped her during a heated debate between them, according to the preliminary investigation report made public amid a press conference organized at the Metropolitan Police Commissioner´s Office on Monday.

SP Suresh Bikram Shah, another police official involved in the investigation, said the fact that Koirala tried to destroy all evidence by revisiting Palung, where he burnt the dead body, proves that he had murdered his wife in a planned manner.

Police claimed they have already gathered circumstantial evidence such as use of a government vehicle (Ba 1 Jha 6213) to ferry the dead body on January 11 and furs of blanket used to cover the dead body, use of a private car (Ba 1 Cha 5408) while revisiting Palung and white-colored match boxes and mineral water bottle containing petrol.

Amid suspicion that Koirala killed his wife by smothering her with a pillow, police are yet to find out as to how the murder took place. A pillow cover has been missing from Dhakal´s bedroom at her Budhanilkantha-based apartment since the day of the murder.

Meanwhile, a postmortem of the carcass is yet to be conducted as police are yet to recover essential body parts needed for the test.

Police had identified the carcass believed to be of Dhakal as they recovered a watch at Palung and Koirala himself admitted to killing his wife and burning her body at the same place. “Gita´s mother identified the watch that she had gifted to her daughter,” said SP Shrestha.

Police, however, have already sent the remnants of the carcass found at Palung, Makawanpur, for a DNA test in order to establish the fact that the body belonged to Dhakal.

Police investigation revealed that there is no hard evidence to establish direct involvement of DIG Koirala´s ´mistress´ Tara Regmi, who is absconding since the day of murder. “We didn´t find any solid evidence to prove her direct involvement in the murder,” SP Shrestha further said. “We are trying to locate her only to get additional details about the murder.”


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