Eyewitnesses share horrific experiences

Posted: फ्रेवुअरी 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Two persons who saw today’s blast that killed three and injured seven from a very close distance shared their experiences with THT.

Machindra Pokharel, an advocate, was with his clients in front of Kathmandu District Court at the time of explosion. “All of a sudden we heard an ear-splitting sound. Then I saw a plume of smoke in front of Nepal Oil Corporation,” said Pokharel. “We were just around six metres from the blast site. There was panic; people were crying ‘save me, save me’. There was blood splattered and body parts strewn all over.”

Pokharel said he came to know that it was a blast only after security forces arrived on the scene. “But what scared me to death was when I felt something fall on my head. Later I realised it was a piece of an internal organ of one of the victims,” shared Pokharel. “It was one horrific incident I have ever come across in my life.”

Yet another person who today became witness to the deadly blast was Man Bahadur Kunwar, who himself sustained injury on his foot after shrapnel hit him. Forty-year-old Kunwar, a film actor, had accompanied his nephew Bhim Bahadur Kunwar to NOC to get information on the deadline to submit application for a vacancy. “As we came out of the office compound we heard an explosion just behind us,” said Kunwar, adding that he was feeling like he had returned from death’s door.

His nephew Bhim, who received injury on his left ear and was rushed to hospital, said he was facing difficulty in hearing. Both have returned home after treatment. “I saw a motorbike taking a U-turn just in front of me, but it vanished as we were blanketed by thick smoke,” said Kunwar. “Bodies and injured lying across the road created panic. It was horrific.” Kunwar, who hails from Mastamandu, Accham, has done some roles in eight movies.


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