Police arrest six suspects

Posted: मार्च 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Police have arrested at least six people in connection with Babarmahal blast in the capital that killed three people and injured seven others, sources said Saturday.

Some of the arrested were suspected to have very close link with the semi-underground United Ethnic Liberation Front Nepal (UELFN) which was blamed for blast. Police say they were moving forward their investigtions based on the information extracted from those arrested.

“We have made major progress. And there has been substantial development,” said a top official involved in the investigation. “Based on the current progress, we are optimistic we can conclude the case in next two-three days.”

Sources said police have recovered explosives including gelatin and fuse wire from the arrested. Sources claimed those arrested included a man who planted the bomb. Others arrested were army deserters and disqualified Maoist combatants.

Police however, have not officially commented.

Three people were killed and seven others were injured in a powerful bomb blast in front of the Nepal Oil Corporation head office at Babarmahal on Monday afternoon.

A person identifying himself as the coordinator of the little-known UELFN Bishwo Kranti claimed responsibility for the blast over the phone to some media outlets shortly after the explosion, but later retracted the claim.

Home Ministry formed a four-member probe committee headed by DIG Upendra Kanta Aryal, who heads Central Investigation Bureau at Nepal Police Headquarters. Three other members of the probe committee are SSPs Devendra Subedi and Kedar Man Singh Bhandari, and SP Subodh Ghimire.


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