Rape attempt convict serving as headmaster

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A man convicted of attempt to rape and sentenced to 30 months in jail has been found be working freely as a headmaster of a government school.

Narad Prasad Sharma who was convicted by the Surkhet District Court of attempting to rape a female teacher is the headmaster of Bishwajyoti Primary School, Lekhparajul, Surkhet. The district court had slapped jail term on Sharma on 27 August 2010.

The female teacher had claimed that Sharma tried to rape her in Chinchu jungle.

“The man who attempted to rape me is moving around freely in defiance of the court verdict,” the victim said. The woman has requested the district education office to suspend Sharma.

According to legal experts, it is shocking that a man convicted of attempted rape has been working as a school headmaster.

“No person accused of grave crimes should be given such a responsibility,” said advocate Durga Prasad Sapkota. “The attempted rape case is currently sub judice at the appellate court.”

Woman rights activists have urged the district administration office to take action against Sharma without delay. “We are quite worried that a criminal who should be locked behind the bars is roaming around freely,” reads the statement handed over to chief district officer Basanta Kumar Upadhayay.

On the other hand, the district education office has assured that it would look into the matter. District education officer Ram Prasad Upadhyay said, “The case is sub judice at the appellate court. So, we will take action against him after the court issues its verdict,” he said.

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