Gurung to hand over charge to Rana today

Posted: अगस्ट 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) Gen Chhatra Man Singh Gurung is scheduled to hand over responsibility to the newly-appointed acting Army chief, Gaurav SJB Rana, on Thursday.

A handover ceremony will take place at the Army Headquarters before Gen Gurung leaves for a customary one-month vacation on Friday. Rana will officially take over the top military post after Gen Gurung retires on September 9.

“There will be a handover ceremony tomorrow and General Rana will assume the responsibility of the acting Army chief, in accordance with a Cabinet decision, from Friday,” said Nepal Army Spokesperson Brig Gen Ramindra Chhetri.

Gurung on Wednesday introduced Rana as his successor to President Ram Baran Yadav.

Last Wednesday, the Cabinet designated Rana as the acting CoAS, putting to rest questions and speculations over the future Army leadership. Rana has served in the Army for 38 years, having held crucial positions and has undergone training in reputed international institutions. During the insurgency in 2003, he narrowly survived an attack from the Maoists, when a convoy driving him from Dipayal to Dhanghadi ran into an ambush set by the then rebels.


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