Two nabbed with heroin in Chitwan

Posted: सेप्टेम्बर 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Police arrested two persons with illegal drugs heroin in Jagatpur VDC of Chitwan district on Saturday afternoon.

According to police, Sagar Rai,35, of Jagatpur VDC and Sabin Giri,19, of Kalyanpur VDC were nabbed with 35 grams of heroin while they were heading towards Narayanghat.

While taking to the press, Giri confessed that he had bought the heroine for himself at Thori. Meanwhile, Rai claimed that he was unaware that Giri was carrying heroin. “Though I gave him lift on my motorbike, I had no idea he was carrying heroin,” said Rai.

Police however, rejected Rai´s claim.

“We believe these two are just the peddlers. We will try to catch the main suppliers by interrogating them,” said DSP Rabi Poudel during the press meet.


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